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Soda Fountain

In the Mood for a Treat?

We invite you to stop in and see our 1920’s Soda Fountain. Many visitors ask where the stools for the fountain have gone. Our fountain was installed prior to the time when stools were used. We have an original soda table and chairs along with a reproduction table in our pharmacy department. Many of our Summerville customers gathered after school in the 20s, 30s, and 40s, and now their grandchildren and great-grands are doing the same thing.

What Are You Having?

  • Our delicious snacks appeal to everyone!
  •  Ice cream
  •  Milkshakes (available in all our ice cream flavors)
  •  Malts
  •  Floats
  •  Hot dogs with or without chili
  •  Fountain sodas, plain or with flavors (cherry, vanilla, or blue raspberry, lime or chocolate)

We have the best candy counter in town featuring all of your favorite candy bars, gum, and hard to find sweets such as rock candy, Neccos, Smarties, Mary Janes, Squirrel Nuts and many more!

A woman using the Guerin's Pharmacy soda fountain
Candy and sweets on sale at Guerin's Pharmacy  in Summerville, SC

Enjoy a soda at the oldest pharmacy in South Carolina!


Call 843-873-2531 or contact us, or just come on in!

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