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Serving Summerville Since 1871

Guerin’s Pharmacy, located in downtown Summerville, is the oldest pharmacy in South Carolina, having operated as an independent pharmacy since 1871. A pharmacist from Charleston, Dr. Schwettman, moved his business to Summerville during the civil war. Upon returning to Summerville after completing his service to his country, Dr. Henry C. Guerin purchased the Summerville side of the business and Dr. Schwettman returned to Charleston. Dr. Joseph A. Guerin, son of Dr. Henry C. Guerin, took over ownership upon the death of his father. Dr. Herbert F. Dunning worked with Dr. Joseph A. Guerin from whom he purchased the business. Charles H. Dunning, Jr. began working for his uncle and Dr. Joseph A. Guerin at the age of 12. He purchased the business from his uncle’s estate in 1975.

After his death in 2014, his daughter, Barbara A. Dunning, is the owner and pharmacist in charge. Working alongside her is Joshua Kister, Pharm D, who has been with Guerin’s since 2009. In September 2017, Guerin’s was bestowed a historical South Carolina marker by the Summerville Preservation Society. It is located outside of the pharmacy on the Richardson side of the building.

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Best Customer Service in Summerville

More Than A Pharmacy

We offer short wait times and if you have to wait, why not enjoy the fountain? Have a float, milkshake, hot dog, or lemonade. Bring the family for ice cream and sodas. We also have the best candy counter in town.

Looking for a gift? Come browse our selections of South Carolina souvenirs, postcards, local author and local interest books, and t-shirts. We also carry Yardley products, LorAnn oils, Occasionally Made products, holiday and seasonal garden flags, and mailbox wraps. Guerin’s has been serving Summerville since 1871 and would like to serve you into the next 100 years.

Great Customer Service

We pride ourselves on providing the best customer service to our patients and customers. If you are looking for a hard to find item, recommendations for the dreaded cold or flu, or just want to enjoy a lemonade, Guerin’s is the place for you. We offer up-to-date pharmacy information for our patients’ prescriptions and over the counter purchases. We accept most insurance plans including Blue Cross Blue Shield, Tricare, Medicare D, and Medicaid. We offer 24-hour telephone prescription reordering.

Ice Cream at Guerin's Pharmacy

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Craving some ice cream? The soda fountain in Guerin’s Pharmacy has delicious treats! Come visit our Summerville, SC store today!

Who's that pharmacist?

Guerin’s Pharmacy has served Summerville since 1871. We are the oldest pharmacy in South Carolina! Come visit our legendary candy counter!

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“The cutest little pharmacy ever! I love visiting a time honored establishment like this. Doing business for over 130 years? Take my money, Guerin’s. The service was friendly and the soda fountain was fantastic… go for a hot dog and a vanilla coke.” – Steven 

As a lot of people who appreciate a place you still get kindness, honesty and service you can’t get elsewhere. I’m thankful for the pharmacy and the old fashioned store with the kind of personalities I was raised on. Thank you Guerin’s” – Cheryl B.

I use to work in Summerville and would often go to Guerin’s to get a hot dog for lunch. Lots of old medical stuff on display and a nice candy selection. Pretty cool place to just look around.” – Dennis P.

I love Guerin’s and have been a patron since I was a little boy. I now have children of my own. It is awesome to see them enjoy their ice cream and hot dogs just like I did many years ago. You cannot help but love places like this that have that small town feel and great customer service.” – Webb C.

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